17 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Use My Life Changes To Change Your Life In 2014

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Celebrate sunMy Life Changes is the internet’s #1 tool to help you define and live by your deepest core personal values.   That means core values of health, wealth, freedom, compassion or whatever you define for yourself.

My Life Changes helps you define the bigger picture of Who You Are. Are you a Father, Athlete and Entrepreneur?    Or are you a thought leader and medical expert. Or maybe a gamer?

My Life Changes helps you to create new goals or habits and track them with simple color codes.

My Life Changes looks great on an Ipad or any other kind of tablet.

My Life Changes gives you beautiful free bonus E-books upon joining.

My Life Changes uses a simple color system to track your goals or habits. This is the same system Google uses to track project status (I think they stole it from me). This is the same system I use to track projects at work.

My Life Changes has an excellent blog with the best advice on the Internet on how to make life changes.

My Life Changes has a WHO AM I database to give you examples on how to define WHO YOU ARE.

My Life Changes has a VALUES database with many examples to help you define your core values.

My Life Changes has a GOALS database with many examples to help you define your goals or new habits.

My Life Changes has automatic reminders so you can be reminded to update the tracker.

My Life Changes has a journal to record your thoughts daily, weekly or monthly.

My Life Changes will help you create better habits towards a more fulfilling life if you use it regularly or share it amongst friends.

My Life Changes has a Facebook page with wonderful information including motivational quotes and videos.

My Life Changes has a Twitter account providing fantastic informative Tweets and links about how to change your life.

My Life Changes has over 300 goals and values to choose from.

My Life Changes is founded by me, Terry Vermeylen and I will do everything to make it an awesome experience and answer all your questions.



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