2 Guaranteed Ways You Can Drastically Change Your Life

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I continue to draw on meditation and living in the present moment to live a calmer, happier and more carefree life. They have all helped tremendously. Now I am in the process of finding an endless energy flow by releasing all useless thoughts and fears.

Each thought takes up valuable energy

Every movement, emotion and thought that passes through your mind takes up your energy. A closed mind closes off your energy. An open mind opens up you to more energy. To experience high energy means to live a life without your inner voice constantly chatting you up. Learning to live with an open and quiet mind is a key to living a truly remarkable life. When we fight life with constant thoughts we continuously restrict the flow of energy and allow fear to take over our lives. Don’t lose yourself in your thoughts. Be aware of them and let them go. You are not your thoughts. You are more than that. Let go of them right now. Begin by asking yourself “Who am I?” You really are not your thoughts.

Fear is the cause of every problem

Fear stems from emotions such as anger, jealousy, possessiveness and envy. Getting rid of fear will open your heart and remove those endless negative thoughts that run like a movie reel through your mind. Learning to accept and let go of your fears will be the best life change you can achieve. It is our fears that hold us back in life. Fear that we will not be good enough at work. Fear that we will not find love. Once we latch onto our fears and dwell in them they become very difficult to let go. We allow our fears to condition us and this in turn makes us act certain ways. This also uses up our precious energy. Remove all the obstacles that create your fear. Let them go. Keeping your fear inside you will only trap you. Let it go. Open your heart and let in what life is trying to teach you. Now you will be on a remarkable spiritual path to feeling at peace with yourself and the world.

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Happiness and Awareness

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