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5 Reasons You Should Never Work For a Company

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I run this website and I am starting another targeted at any business in the world. My girlfriend runs a fitness website that receives about 2.5 million visitors a year. We run these businesses because we refuse to settle for a 9-5 job in some crappy cubicle. Why ditch working for a company?

Stats , Supplements and Ah Ha Links for March 2011

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Daily page views of users …up 71% the past 3 months.

Time on site of users…up 126% the past 3 months.

Visits from Search engine …up 109% the last month.

Make Self Control Your Bitch

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It’s your choice what you decide to pledge. But I’ve got to make this more painful. I’ve discovered people need penalties if they miss their goals. So start that book, business, weight lose, or dream life, and be prepared to lose more than just a few minutes of your time here if you fail. It might just make you succeed.

I’m Feeling Like Superman And Going To Live Well Forever

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Talk about making a life change! I’m feeling like a zillion bucks these days. I recently started taking health supplements as one step towards a longer and healthier life. I have been on the fence about health supplements for a long time. There is so much information about vitamins, I didn’t know what to believe. What changed my mind? I recently read a book about telomeres, based on the Nobel Prize winning genetic research. The book is called “The Immortality Edge”.