25 Things I’ve Never Told You About Me (Or How I Should Introduce Myself And Get A Comment)

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I’ve been blogging for I dunno …5  years now? But hold on…I also provide an awesome tool for you to define your personal core values as well. But I still sometimes see myself as a boring ass writer and I’ve got to find my true voice. Right?  Right!

So how do I become raw and clever and the real me? Well I take a beautiful risks, I show courage and I will pass on from this world – so why not just be me?

Here we go my friends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. I have two dogs and would love to write an article on making life changes for our four legged friends. It would be amazing!
  2. I just joined Netflix and am larfing over old Mad Men and Breaking Bad episodes. Hey 8 bucks a month.
  3. I love the fact that I try to motivate, inspire and educate people. I hate the fact that most people would rather just read about gossip, entertainment and watch celebrity nipple slips.
  4. I write about making wonderful and lasting life changes and I rarely receive cool comments. Yahoo news posted a story about Jersey Shore’s ‘Snooki” not wearing makeup and it has 20,000 comments.  Hey, THIS is what gets people all emotional! It’s sad huh?
  5. My favorite movies include Blade Runner, American Beauty, The Austin Powers series, The Matrix and Full and Metal Jacket. I like movies that make us raw and want to shriek and run away but we keep coming back because we say to ourselves …”yea that is me in that movie”.
  6. I’ve taken yoga classes and listen to yoga meditation tracks on my iPhone late at night or early in the morning. It’s a gentle and soft way to slowly wake up to the morning light or welcome the night before into a falling into a deep restful sleep.
  7. My wife owns fitwatch.com and it attracts thee million visitors a year. Yes you heard me right…three million.
  8. I read non-fiction more than fiction and listen to non – fiction audible books as I drive in to work every day.  I have hundreds of nonfiction books and I’ll keep 50% and the rest are going to charity.
  9. I’m adopted. My Dad is Belgium and my late Mom is Russian. I’m half Asian, half Canadian. I have a huge amount of respect for my parents. They lived through WWll and have been through more challenges than most people have in a lifetime.
  10. I own http://worldclasssupplychain.com/ because I am also a SAP, Supply Chain, Sales and Operation planning professional. I have a passion for improving business processes.
  11. I enjoy the art of cooking and indulge in a glass(s) of wine or beer(s) as I do. Most of my recipes come from http://www.epicurious.com/
  12. Last year I saw Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, George Michael and Supertramp in concert. Bon Jovi was my favorite concert of all time. It was crazy fun and I lost my voice from screaming like a mad school girl all night.
  13. I have three wonderful step daughters
  14. I believe that if you start a business don’t do for the money, don’t do it for the fame…. do it because you want to CHANGE THE WORLD.
  15. I’ve done the bacon on the floor at work
  16. I’ve worked as a consultant
  17. I was on the road for 8 months straight for work (flying and coming home weekends) years ago and it almost ruined my health and relationship. I have a much better respect for my health and travel now.
  18. I designed a paint job for an aeroplane once.  It was golden and green
  19. A couple of months ago I was a guest speaker at a conference in Florida. I really enjoyed it and would like to do public speaking more often.  I was invited because they found an article I had written on the Internet 5 years ago.
  20. Two of my favorite places are Bermuda and Paris.
  21. It hurts me to think people spend more than the $ 4.95 on a MacDonald’s Happy Meal yet won’t sign up for the deluxe version of My Life Changes.
  22. I love writing. It brings out the creative, thoughtful and fact finding side of me.
  23. I am trying to turn My Life Changes into a social network where we can motivate each other and give awesome feedback.  Looking for a programmer.
  24. I like dancing and thought about becoming a dance choreographer when I was younger.
  25. I’m glad I wrote this and I hope you have made a richer connection with me.

I would love to have a comment from you, or question and for you to connect with me even more through my Facebook page.

Best Always

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