3 Reasons Why I Didn’t Sell My Website

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I had an offer to sell my website but decided it was in my best interests not to.

I built this website to provide you with a tool and blog to help you make life changes. The first step to help you make a life change is for you to think about your life as a whole – “Who Am I“, and then link this to your core personal values and finally your goals or habits. By using this method you break your life down from the big picture to small bite sized chunks. If I can help you make one life change, or at least begin to think about making changes then I know my job is done. The blog is from my life experiences and the hundreds of books I have loved and read.

The blog allows me to express myself, search for meaning and purpose AND become a better writer. I love to write. Writing clears my head, provides a forum for my ideas, puts things in perceptive and expands my creativity.  Lately I have been trying to express myself through stories. Stories give me more meaning and I have to live my stories to make them real. The more stories I live, the more memorable a life I have experienced, written and shared.  This goes in parallel with one of the best tips I learnt about writing nonfiction. Express how something “feels”.  Without feelings, nonfiction writing can be robotic and bland.  People relate best to feelings and emotions. And perhaps most of all, writing has helped me open my heart to the world.

The blog helps me overcome my fears. Writing for an audience always brings up a certain fear factor.  You are afraid that you might not have something interesting to say.  You are afraid your writing style is boring. You are afraid your dream of becoming a writer will fail. But as I have gotten over those fears I have overcome times of horrible resistance.  I am a writer. I’m not afraid to call myself that now.

I also believe fear is the cause of many if not all problems. It is the root of negative assumptions and the destructive emotions of anger, jealousy and possessiveness. This is why I’m learning to open my heart and let negative energy flow through without becoming attached to it.

These are three reasons why I did not sell. This website has become part of who I am. At times writing was like swimming through molasses, other times like floating on a cloud. How can I sell that?

Are you living in fear? Have you explored your passion?

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