3 Reasons Why Some People Almost Always Go Insane But I Don’t

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There are some days when I feel like slapping people in traffic. They rudely cut me off and force me to jam on my brakes like a rookie F1 driver on a rainy day. I then fantasize about rolling down their window and smacking them silly. Or if the traffic is thick I would jump out, crouch and sneak up while springing up at their window shrieking BOO!! and waving pretend claws in the air. Of course the first would get me arrested and the second may cause a heart attack.

Traffic solution – Audio books

I listen to audio books in my car. Lately I’ve been loving “Living a Life of Inner Peace” by Eckhart Tolle. I take pleasure in some spirituality on occasion and this audio book is not only spiritual but hilarious. Eckhart gives an amusing, introspective and at times wistful talk to an audience and shows us a side that really makes him more human (less robot). Believe or not, probably my favourite Audio book for the car. Look at me calling him Eckhart, like I’m his beer drinking bud.That should be MR Eckhart.

Purchasing dress pants

I tried going to discount stores like TJ Maxx to buy cheap dress pants but discovered that I end up looking like MC hammer in his hilarious balloon pants after a while. Hard to find nice inexpensive dress pants. Shirts are much easier.I think so.

Dress pants solution – Find a store you like (and that has nice pants?)

Now I buy all my dress pants from Tristan. They fit well, have a good selection and I try to purchase them on sale. After Christmas is a great time. The only down side is the buttons pop off because they are machined on (and made in Canada!). So I get this tiny Chinese woman to sew them back on. Out of the blue last week she accuses me of not paying 3 cents on the tax and I threatened her boss about taking my business elsewhere. WTF? Anyhoo, we straightened it out and almost had a three way group hug. Who knew buttons or 3 cents could cause WWlll! Find a store you like and stick with it.

Work stress

For many years I found myself in the morning gulping down breakfast, worrying about the latest work issues, hopping in the car and barreling down the highway to make it in on the hour. Yes, a very stressful way to begin the day.

Work stress solution – Have a great morning

Now I gulp down my breakfast and tweet! Ok, not the most relaxing method but one major difference is that before hopping in my piece of metal on rubber tires, I take a few moments to take in the beauty of the morning. This comes from years of meditation and practicing living in the now. The world can be a truly stunning place in the morning. The air is amazingly fresh and at times delightfully dewy. Clouds roll lazily by. Just looking up at the sky can be a Zen experience if you  take your sweet time to soak in the moment. Not hours now, we are talking a few minutes here. After my morning intermission I’m then prepared to barrel down the highway once more. Kidding! But that small break creates a much more relaxing start to the day.

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