5 Habits Of Truly Remarkable People

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We want to live until 100. When I had my blood test results in 2012 and I had a high glucose level my first reaction was one of shock. I’m not going to be diabetic? Hey, I eat pretty well. But blood tests don’t lie and I knew I had to make serious life changes. I stopped craving those succulent buns of bread at lunch, quit drinking fruit juice and almost stopped ordering out entirely. Now I have lost weight, feel fantastic and reduced or eliminated all foods that convert to sugar. This is the single best thing I’ve done in my life for my health and to live until 100. Get your blood tested and make those changes to be happy and healthy in 2013. Or die at a younger age.

We don’t have scarcity in our lives. Do you get up in the morning and worrying about money and the next Apple product you are missing out on? Do you really believe your life is that horrible?  Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food on your plate? The next time you wake up worrying about money think about these things. Think how plentiful your life is and that money is just a tool to help provide for life’s basic necessities. Life is so much more than that. Go out and explore the world. Take a simple walk in nature today. I really don’t have scarcity in my life, I just don’t pay attention to all the bullshit marketing thrown at me each day.

We are incredibly grateful for what we have.   I have a deep gratitude for the time I have here. Each day is a new life to live. I live on a beautiful planet spinning around in a universe surrounded by trillions of stars!  Think about how lucky it is to experience this and let go of the trivial worries you have each day.

We find our authentic self. Your ego is not your authentic self. Your ego is like a child inside of you, seeking attention outside of your authentic self. Why are so many people unhappy at their jobs? Because they have pursued careers that are not true to their authentic self. They are making money but not happy.  They pursue objects of status to prove their self worth. Find your place of wisdom, live by your true core values and you will discover your authentic self. Your authentic self is your happy self. Stop feeding your ego and buying a new iPhone every year.

We take risks! I’m speaking at the 2013 Logistics and Supply Chain Conference at the Mirage in Las Vegas this year. I was invited to speak at an industry conference last year here because of a webpage I had put up about 6 years ago. Most people are afraid to write on the internet because they don’t think they have anything original to say.  Or they don’t have the time. They are just afraid of taking a risk. We are all unique and can all contribute incredible ideas to the world.  And if you don’t make the time to start then I guess you never will. Just do it.

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    One thought on “5 Habits Of Truly Remarkable People

    1. Very well said but it takes discipline to resist the board meant of buy buy buy.

      We need to be clear on our purpose, and be driven by it not by whatever we meet :)

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