5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Blogging

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If one of your life changes is to make your mark on the world and be heard, there is no better way than to start a blog.

Blog Often

If you are scared of writing for any reason then go out there and write. Become courage in action. Write every day. Writing once in a while will not get you noticed.  Writing once a week isn’t a blog, it’s a casual hobby. Make yourself go to places you have never gone before. Open your taps. Spill your guts. Dare to tell the world your story.  Do it every day. Yes you heard me right, blog every day.

Be Passionate

Be passionate but about the right topic.  Once you have the right topic, figure out how to stand out in the crowd.  If you pick the wrong topic you have started off with a dud.

Be Genuine

People will immediately smell you as a fake if you aren’t authentic.  If you are telling people you are living the dream then speak from experience. It’s easy to put together a top 5 list. It’s much more rewarding to tell a story from personal experience. Look inside yourself and tell people how you felt. Tell people about your story through emotions. People want the real you, not some blogger giving cutesy advise.

Motivate Yourself

Create a setting and time that inspires you to write. Find out what gets you going. What rocks your world? Establish a routine.  In my case I try to write early evening or weekend mornings. I listen to thunderous rock music as I write. I read back my posts out loud to make sure I have the right tone.  I understand that there are 24 hours in a day. If I am to spend one hour a day writing, I’d better create the ideal setting. And for fucks sake, turn off your Email and Twitter.

Fortune Will Find You

If you follow all of the above, fortune will smile down on you. You’ll get that lucky break. The right person will read your post. You will make new friends and business partners. People will link to you. Luck will find you.

Music while writing this post.

Gimmie Shelter– Rolling Stones.

Creep- Radiohead

321- Scorpions

Burn it to the ground – Nickelback

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