5 Reasons You Should Never Work For a Company

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I run this website and I am starting another targeted at any business in the world. My girlfriend runs a fitness website that receives about 2.5 million visitors a year.   We run these businesses because we refuse to settle for a 9-5 job in some crappy cubicle. Why ditch working for a company?

1.       Our websites run 24 hours a day. When we aren’t online and are sleeping with the cats purring at our feet, money is flowing into our bank accounts. In the morning I wake up and I have a new subscriber from …who knows…New Zealand, that has sent me a payment. This is called passive income. I deliver value to my clients and the site generates a continuous income.  I just got paid from both Google Adsense and my clients that subscribed to the My Life Changes tracker.

2.      I run the business how the fuck I want. In a company there may be a zillion rules, all kinds of bosses (some scary ones) and paperwork up to your freaking ears. Here I have almost zero paperwork, I am God and I own the rules. If I decide to take a break and go have hot dogs and ice cream while swimming in the pool – I do. And I can fire any idiot customer that gets on my nerves. As long as I’ve used good business fundamentals I rule!

3.       I am free. I’m not only free to rule the company as I want, I’m also free to be as creative and imaginative as I wish.  I can have my office in a Starbucks or with Mr Sunshine and the pool. I can write a smashing article one day or think of an excellent application to add. I can even watch an inspiring movie as I work (and eat popcorn).  The company idiot does not interrupt me. Yes I use a trusted set of advisors at times (that I’ve chosen), but I’ve avoided time wasting company meetings.  I am free.

4.       I don’t whine about company politics. I set my own politics. My politics may include breaks ever 90 minutes, lunch with friends every second day or reading a good business book once a week.  I use whatever software and laptop I want, I don’t have anything forced on me.  So how can I complain?

5.       I don’t fight traffic. Ever been stuck in a snowstorm for 2 hours trying to make a 9 AM meeting. Its sucks. Ever had a large SUV cut you off in the morning and then slam its brakes on? Being stuck in traffic and sucking up exhaust from the long line of cars makes me want to pull all my hair out. Working at home (and for yourself) might mean taking a morning trip downstairs to your laptop and seeing if any money came in. Then I brew some coffee, play on twitter and think about a hot shower at one point. Fuck traffic.

Now it’s your turn to decide what kind of value you can provide people and do it! Believe in your dream and make it happen.  How about all those American Idols that had shitty jobs? They went out and pursued their dreams.   If yours is to own a business and operate it from anywhere in the world, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. Trust your inner wisdom and let go of years of false beliefs and conditioning. Do it now.  It’s your turn.

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