5 Steps To Finding Your Dream Career

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I’ve noticed a much higher level of turnover at work lately. People become dissatisfied and seek another job, looking for greener pastures.  Work is definitely brutal these days with an entire management level gone recently and very few new hires at our level.  We all dream of a new job or even a brand spanking new career but few of us take the leap. What does it take to walk off the cliff and fly?

Make sure you are passionate AND have the talent for something. You probably have a basic idea in your head of what your dream career is. And you probably know you aren’t going to be a movie star or pro basketball player.  You have an idea what your talents are. Now think about your passions. What are you talented AND passionate about? Once you figure THAT out you’ve discovered your dream career.

Research what it takes to start your dream career. You can’t just walk into a dream career and start right away.  Take some time to find out if you need training. Will it involve travel? Are you prepared to travel? Or maybe you have to relocate. These are all vital questions to research.

Make a list of what drives you crazy at your current job. In order to avoid falling in the same trap as you are in now, list everything that annoys you. If being stuck in a cubicle all day drives you batty write it down. If you staring at a computer screen all day gives you a nervous tick write that down too.  Will your dream career change these things? If yes….excellent!

Be prepared to sacrifice pay for happiness. Being happy in your new career is more important than the amount of money you will make.  If you think making more money is the key to happiness then you might severely limit your new career choices.  You usually don’t start at the top of your new career. You work your way up. But it should always be a happy journey.

Talk to your family and friends about your dream career. You need the support of your family to change careers. You need the advice of your close friends.  The people closest to you know you best. But in the end the decision is yours. Follow your heart.  Make the leap

…and fly

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