5 Things You Must Do Before Becoming Happy

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  • It is essential for you to make a conscious decision to be happy. Make that decision today! To be truly happy, accept and love yourself for whom you truly are. If you do not love and accept yourself, you will project your own insecurities and judgmental behaviour on others. When you choose to love and accept yourself, you will immediately begin to love and accept others.
  • Wake up each day and decide right then to be happy. If you run around stressed after crawling out of bed and avoid your inner thoughts, you will allow negativity and worries to seep in and rule your day. Take time to relax each morning and decide that today will be a day stuffed with happy thoughts! This is a golden rule to living each and every day with happiness in your heart. I do it every day.
  • Realize that your worries, anxieties and negative judgments are not your core self. They come from societies programming, past conditioning and your ego’s continuous fear and insecurities. Within your core self is a deep pool of happiness. You may use this pool of happiness at anytime to live a truly wonderful life.
  • Make happiness your number one goal in life. It isn’t money, a beautiful body, retirement, or any so called success factor that should be your ultimate goal in life. Happiness should be your goal and it is available to you right now! You can step out the door in the next few minutes and open yourself to your inner happiness. It is right there! If being happy is not your ultimate goal then you will never be genuinely happy. It took me hundreds of books, blogs, talks and years to finally come to this simple conclusion. My goal is to be happy.
  • Understand that once you have the basic needs of shelter, food, and love, you already have the authentic fundamentals for living a happy life. If you think you need all the possessions that society makes you believe you need, than happiness will forever be out of your reach. You will always want something, newer, faster or shinier, and you will never be genuinely happy with what you have. You can choose to be happy right now with the basic needs of life. Happiness is inside and can be released anytime you desire. Sounds simple, but happiness really is a choice. Make that choice right now!

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