5 Truths About Happiness And Love

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I am, if anything, a seeker of truth. I continuously read, discuss, ponder and write about my journey towards truth.

What is happiness?

I think that happiness can be a rather foggy term. So I will more or less agree with the author and scientist Barbara Fredrickson and say that happiness includes these 10 traits – joy, gratitude (including reciprocity), serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement (humour), inspiration, awe (“goodness on a grand scale”), and love.

How do I become happy?

I will also agree that the happiest people experience a happiness ratio of 3-1 (Three happy thoughts to one negative). The people that are flourishing in happiness have a ratio of 5-1. I know people I work with that have 3 negative thoughts to 1 happy one. I walk in the other direction when they start complaining, whining or making sad excuses. Think about your own ratio. Any thoughts on this?

When are my happiest moments?

I’ve read a few times that having drinks and dinner with good friends can be a peak happy experience. I had a rocking dinner party with close friends last week and we had brilliant conversations, laughed to the point of crying and made damn sure we would get together again. It was a remarkable night filled with many moments of happiness traits including joy, interest, amusement and inspiration.

How do I fall in Love?

I will agree with Barbara that Love usually happens when we associate a group of happiness traits together. When one person can inspire joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration and awe in us, how can we not fall in love?

Commit to following your dream

You will be happiest pursuing goals and dreams that are intrinsic, meaningful to you and freely chosen. Intrinsic goals are pursued because they provide significance and purpose to you. They help you grow and mature. Writing this blog (and providing you a life changing tool) is a way for me to grow and find deep personal meaning and purpose. Intrinsic goals will make us happier in the long run. Writing this blog also provides me with joy, inspiration, pride, hope, amusement and even awe on occasion. Ya even awe! 

What inspires you? What gives you joy? What gives you awe?

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