6 ways To Let Go Of All Fear, Worry, And Money Stress

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My path to living a life of Zen is going very well. I am realizing more and more that my inner peace is all in my mind. Here are the main steps that I have been taking to reach a life of total serenity and joy. You can follow the exact same path if you choose to.

  • My mind controls my life. When I step out of my thoughts and use my conscience I realize I am in control, not my thoughts , I am more than my thoughts. I can observe my thoughts and let them go.
  • I do not worry about money as much. I live in the now and do not think about what I would like to buy. I have everything I need already.
  • I am finding more moments of peace throughout the day by shutting off the TV and radio in the home, car and morning shower. I do not hear advertisements for cars or MacDonald’s.
  • I have found out how important it is to open my heart to love. This is one of the most important journeys to go through. This is a spiritual love, not necessary an emotional love. I choose to be a loving and accepting person.
  • I am not a weak person, I have simply chosen to accept the goods and the bad in life and stopped trying to control what I can’t. I let experiences and thoughts pass through my heart before my mind attaches to them and closes down my heart.
  • I ask myself each day if am becoming more free, liberated and happy.

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    3 thoughts on “6 ways To Let Go Of All Fear, Worry, And Money Stress

    1. awesome. I too am trying quite hard to gain more inner peace, be content and not be so attached to my “stuff”. It’s blogs like yours that help me out on my zen journey. thanks.

    2. I really wonder if people who proport to be (wanting to) living a ‘zen life’ know anything about zen or even have any connection with it. Do then associate themselves with a zen center and a zen master? Meditation is a good thing, but where did they learn it…? At a zen center with guidance, or did they just make up their own way? There’s a difference.

      I should not be so critical. Even an individual’s ‘made up zen’ is better than staring at the tube everyday while guzzling a six pack. Eventually, however, the realness of reality intervenes, and those with actual training and the discipline that comes with it are at an enormous advantage when the normal difficulties of life come down on us, as they always will.

      That’s all I have to say this time.

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