6 Ways To Lose Ugly Fat And Get Healthier With Quick Results

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I have kept my weight stable over the years and have been told I look 15 years younger than my age. It’s true! Here are a few tips I try to follow.

Educate yourself

According to the Department of health and services, chronic diseases—such as cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke), cancer, and diabetes—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. Seven of every 10 Americans who die each year, die of a chronic disease. Kinda scary uh? Learn to eat healthier and keep your weight down. Check out the food pyramid. The food pyramid gives you great eating guidelines.

Resist buying desserts (snub them at the grocery store)

Cupcakes, muffins, pies, cakes and almost anything with white flour is full of carbohydrates and sugar. Keeping these snacks out of sight will keep them out of your mind. After a while you won’t miss those calorific snacks. Don’t forget to snub them when grocery shopping. Just drive right by! Snub!

Resist what your unhealthy friends do!

According to a study of 5,124 male and female subjects from the Framingham Heart Study (since 1948), your chances of becoming obese are very high if your friend is already obese. Your friends have a huge influence on you! Think about that.

Plan your meals

If you don`t plan your meals you will find yourself famished and staring stupidly at the inside of the fridge. All of a sudden the phone is in your hand and a large pizza is on its way. And you are delighted about the pizza, especially your stomach! Try planning meals on a Sunday. Pick out a few easy and healthy recipes. Use the leftovers as well. www.epicurious.comis a great place for recipes and the advanced search (top left hand side) provides you with easy and delicious meals.

Bring snacks to work, don’t get the fruit lazy disease

I always bring fruit (ex: apple and banana) to work during the day and have a container of almonds on my desk. That helps me stay away from the unhealthy snacks and yummy muffins (I like blueberry). Getting enough fruit in me is always a challenge and this helps immensely. I seem to be fruit lazy at night though. Need to work on that.

Treat yourself occasionally

Have a piece of dark chocolate or some other guilty pleasure to get a taste of sweetness. Nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while. You need an indulgence for resisting all those unhealthy foods. Just don’t make it a daily habit!

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