7 Ways True Millionaires Think

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  • Live below your means. You may have read this a hundred times before, but it is THE golden rule. What if you live above your means? You will then spend more money than you earn. It IS that simple. The truly wealthy do not spend more than they earn.
  • Your financial situation will improve when you spend more time planning your finances then spending time purchasing luxury items. Spending time planning your finances must be a priority.
  • If you dislike planning your financial future, find a good financial planner. Ask your friends who they use.
  • Looking rich is not important to wealthy people. What is important is to have financial independence and freedom from all the stress that money creates. Don’t we all want a cosy and joyful life?
  • Wealthy people do not raise children that are dependent on hand outs. Their children control their money. They don’t let money control them.
  • Most truly wealthy people live a comfortable lifestyle, not a flashy one.
  • Most wealthy people give credit to these factors to their success: Integrity, Discipline, Social Skills, a Supportive Spouse and Hard Work.


The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Mind.

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