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Are you living by your core values? Do you find yourself wanting to make changes in your life and set goals, but you can’t pinpoint exactly what changes to make or what goals to set? Do you want to replace bad habits with good ones? My Life Changes helps you decide what changes to make and what goals to set, and helps you keep track of those changes!

The My Life Changes Method: Simplify Goal Setting and Break Those Bad Habits in 3 Easy Steps

There are three required steps towards happiness – Who am I, My Core Values and My Life Choices. The other sections such as Timeline and Reminders are optional but also great tools.

In 30 words or less describe who you are or who you want to be. You may use one of the Who am I statements provided as a start or create your own. Are you a family-oriented person? Are you an outdoor person? Do you cherish freedom? This will give you the big picture of your life and is a key step towards finding true meaning and purpose. This has to be done before My Core Values.

This can only be done once you have defined “Who Am I.” Choose up to five core values from the database. The core values are divided into four life categories. You do not have to choose a value from each category. You may only want to use one or two of the four categories:

Category Values
Body Health Energy Image
Mind Emotion Happiness Growth
Relationships Parent Family Home
Money Career Thrift Wealth

You can choose each value by scrolling through the categories or see all the values and categories by clicking on “View All.”

This can only be done once you have defined “Who Am I” and “My Core Values.”

To add a choice. click on “Add Choice” and scroll down through the choices, or see all choices by category or by clicking on “View All.” Add as many choices as you like, just remember to apply them to your life. As you follow your choices either daily, weekly or monthly, click on the “color” box below each choice.

Marking a choice green means you’re doing great. Marking a choice yellow means you were close to achieving your goal. Marking a choice red means you did not achieve your goal.Depending on the color combinations used for your daily choices, My Life Changes automatically applies a color-coding for the entire week and the predominant color will be shown. Go for the green!

Add a due date (optional) as to when you would like this choice to be successful. While editing or adding your choice click on “Deadline” and put in a due date. A due date reminds you to commit to an exact time to make that life choice and stick to it.

Choose Between the Free or Deluxe Version

  Free Deluxe
Simple and easy-to-use goal setting – no over-planning!
Over 300 values and goals to choose from or create your own
“How Am I Doing?” report gives you the big picture of your goals
Color coded goal tracker to know whether you’re achieving your goals
Includes “Millionaire Thinking” Who Am I statements, values, goals and choices
Daily, weekly or monthly e-mail reminders for each goal
Private journal for goal setting reflections
Archiving section retains all your history for future reference
Motivating timeline of past accomplishments and goals you’ve achieved!
No advertisements
2 bonus e-books
  Free $4.95 (per Month)
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