An Open Article To The Occupy Wall Street Movement – How To Save The World

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The beauty about staying at home for a two week vacation is that it allows time for reflection. If you are me of course.  Usually we pack our bags and scuttle off to some distant location, where we attempt to decompress before finding ourselves right back in the crush of our daily lives.

I know next week I’ll be on the never ending treadmill of wake, eat, commute, cubicle work , meetings, office politics, commute, supper, light entertainment and sleep. This is the life most of us have chosen.  This is the life most of us hate. We have allowed ourselves to be sucked away from experiencing humanity and profound life experiences to collecting Iphones, emails, spam, Facebook dribble, knick knacks, home repair bills, worthless mortgages and hoping we have enough to retire.

Some of us have chosen the noble profession of also bringing up children. But does that give you all the meaning, purpose and happiness that you want in your life?

The one thing that bugged me about the Occupy Wall Street movement was that I didn’t see anyone coming up with a solution; a solution to a better way to live. Isn’t it obvious though?  We need to experience the world as much as possible before we die. We need to travel. But we are so caught up in our information overloaded careers, suburban lifestyles, buying useless crap and cookie cutter lives that we don’t think about what truly makes us happy. We have become lemmings and slaves to the almighty dollar and the house load of crap that accumulates.

What is the solution to a better life?

What if we decided to travel and experience life and humanity to its fullest potential instead of collecting mansions, huge bank accounts, and lemming vacations? What if we took a look at the world together, shared a meal, helped build a simple home and looked up at the stars together. How about helping villages find fresh water, and growing our own vegetables and avoiding cars?

I watched the documentary Inside Job the other day. It should be mandatory viewing for everyone. It shows how the banking, government and rating agencies collaborated to create wealth out of nothing and through sheer greed almost ruined the entire global financial system.

If you think things have changed, they haven’t. Governments are still in bed with the banks.  Our world remains teetering on the edge of collapse and if we don’t find a more humane and selfless way to live it will collapse.

You have been given a lifetime to go out and experience this wonderful blue planet spinning around in an infinite universe.  Go out and experience it.

Get off the treadmill.

Sell your crap.


Then create something.

Make the world a better place than you have left it.

I dare you.

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