Attitude, Happiness And The Meaning Of Life.

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We create our own reality in our minds.

The thoughts, dreams, aspirations, worries, excuses, justifications and chat in our mind determine our happiness.  We can directly identify with these thoughts and allow them to constantly sweep us away or we can grow from them, take action when required but choose to primarily live in the beauty of the current moment. The key take away here is “take action.” The world is infinite in its possibilities and each challenge requires an action.  Just worrying about something will not change your life. Deciding to take action and then moving back to the present moment with that action will. We are creatures of consciousness.  We can decide how our thoughts and then actions govern us. It is truly an amazing gift.

We get what we concentrate on.

Do you know what circumstances and issues are directing your life?  Are you overweight, lonely, addictive, in debt? Are these the circumstances affecting your current life?  Have you taken any action to address these? Where do you put your energies? Once this is clear, you can then decide where you need to focus your energies.  So stop worrying, put down the remote, clear your mind and decide once and for all what life changes you need to make.  And always live in the current moment. It is the only moment.  It is the moment of raw truth.

Never mind about the meaning of life.  What is the meaning of your life? Once that is clear you are ready to co-create the world with all your other fellow human beings. Just think about it. And then do it.

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