Can The Internet Bring You More Fame And Money? Yes!

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I’ve been approached to speak at a conference last week in front of industry leaders and executives. People come from all over North America for these conferences on Supply Chain and IT. How did this happen? A webpage I developed 4 + years ago was noticed and that has led to this speaking opportunity. Here is the web page.

Pretty cool huh?

I’ve written before about the power of the internet. Just think of it, your audience is the world!   Creating a business or getting your name out there on the World Wide Web is getting much easier and cheaper every day.  You can buy a domain name from Go Daddy for 10 dollars a year and set up a website with Word Press FOR FREE in 30 minutes.

If you are looking to start a business, share your expertise or just write on the web for fun, it’s that easy.

The Internet is a beautiful tool to and share your view of the world or business knowledge. And this can lead to a wonderful life change.

What are you waiting for?

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    One thought on “Can The Internet Bring You More Fame And Money? Yes!

    1. I’m betting that you are right-in fact I know you are. I’m one of those turn-your-passion-into-profit folks and I’ve seen a number of people in this area do just that with great assistance from the wide reach of the internet.
      keep it groovy

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