Do You Know Your Deeply Held Values?

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One of the best tools in My Life Changes is the ability to define your core personal values. Across the world, people share universal values such as honesty, compassion, loyalty, love, passion, courage and peace. Your personal values reveal what matters most to you in life. They are qualities that you admire in others and hope you live life by. As you define your core personal values you find personal motivation in them. Your values are a foundation to your life’s meaning and purpose.

Most value driven companies are the most successful in the world. Apple values innovation above almost all else, and this has led them to be the number one IT company in the world. So why aren’t you defining your own values? With clear values we make choices that lead us to behave from personal integrity and strength rather than blind emotion or societies shallow influences. If you truly seek meaning and purpose in life begin to define your personal values. My Life Changes provides the best tool on the web for this.

Please take some time to read this post by Donald Miller a terrific author who talks about defining values.

How to Discover Your Core Values and Why it Matters

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