This section should be kept down to 30 words or less and describe who you think you are. Use words such as adventurer, parent, athlete, outdoors type, homemaker, executive, office worker to describe yourself and your life completely. You may type your own in or choose a statement by clicking on “Click Here.”
Choose any core values from any of the four life categories
  • Body (Health / Energy / Image)
  • Mind (Emotion / Happiness / Growth)
  • Relationships (Parent / Family / Home)
  • Money (Career / Thrift / Wealth)
It is recommended to choose the five most important core values to you and your future
Add choices to each value by clicking on “add choice.” You may type in a choice or choose a choice from the database by clicking on “Click Here.”
“Millionaire Thinking” is an option I’ve created for those users who are interested in building up wealth. “Millionaire Thinking” is about using common sense strategies to build wealth. A few examples are: don’t spend more than you earn, appreciate what you have, and follow a budget. “Millionaire Thinking” is NOT about buying into consumerism, showing off your status symbols, and having no investments with plenty of debt. I’ve include “Millionaire Thinking” Who Am I statements, values, goals and choices to help you on your way. They are designated with an (MT)
You may type your own choice or choose one from the provided databases by clicking on “Click Here,” as you did for the “Who am I” section. The values are not typed in but you can choose to associate them with one of four life categories. my choice for that day
Each choice has a box for each day of the week, Monday through Sunday. Simply click on the corresponding box and cycle through the four colors (green, yellow, red, neutral/white). Select green if you accomplished your goal. Select yellow if you came close to achieving your goal. Select red if you did not meet your goal. You can also reset the value to “neutral.” Neutral is used when the choice you are working on is not a daily choice. For example, if you choose to exercise 3 times a week, the four days where you had no exercise planned can remain neutral (white)
The color on the left-hand side shows last week’s progress; the colors on the right-hand side shows this week’s progress
Depending on what combination of colors you input each day during the week, the week will eventually be given one color to show your progress. A mathematical algorithm in the background does this. You can also click on “mark all” to input your own color for the week at any time
You fill out the Timeline (My Past Successes and Happiest Moments) section to see your past years of major accomplishments, in order to motivate you for the future. Or you can record your happiest moments, reinforcing happiness in your life. For example this may include raising children, high school achievements, overcoming illness, helping friends, donating your time, etc.
This report looks at the last four weeks of progress on your choices and puts in the color code depending on how well you have done
This report looks at any choice you have made and its entire history
The most important report is the “How am I Doing? (Last Four Weeks)” report. This report shows you how you are doing over the key period of 30 days. New choices and habits take hold after 30 days. If this is green for the month or even mostly green, you are on the road to making a great change in your life
Seeing all the choices and colors at the same time may take a long time to load up on your PC
This is a section to update last week’s choices when you have been away or forgotten to update
The journal is a place to write your own thoughts and review them along with your progress. Your journal is also linked to your “How Am I Doing” report. If you had a rough week with a certain goal and you tracked the week as red, you will automatically see if there was a journal entry for that time period
Yes! Set it up so that you automatically send yourself daily, weekly or monthly emails to your own E-mail address, reminding you to update your progress on any choice.
You can archive any core value or choice. It may be a collection of successful choices you have made in the past using this site.