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Don`t whine, complain or make excuses about what you cannot change.

As someone who has worked in some of the largest and leading Aerospace and Pharmaceutical companies in the world here is my best advice. Don`t try to change what you can`t. And don`t whine, complain or make excuses about it either. In each company I have worked for I have seen plenty of fundamental mistakes being made. These mistakes can create enormous inefficiencies across the company. The best you can do is point them out, provide examples and trust your advice is taken (one day). There may be a million reasons why the company’s priorities lay elsewhere and most of them are probably legitimate. Do your job to the best of your ability and don’t worry needlessly about what is outside of your influence.  When the company feels enough pain they will change. In the mean while enjoy your job and stop worrying about what you cannot change. You`ll feel a huge weight lift off your shoulders.

Segregate your tasks into Vice Presidential duties

As an entrepreneur I have found that segregating my tasks into Vice Presidential duties helps enormously. One day I am VP of Production, another I am VP of Sales, and another VP of Finance. This affords me more clarity as to what needs to get done during any given day or week. Trying to do everything all at once, usually leads to only partially completing tasks and frustration. As I am writing this article I am VP of Production. I am not thinking about any other tasks other than production and writing this article. And I am enjoying writing it immensely. Try it! For more great information on this concept read the book E- Myth Revisited.

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