Finding The Most Important Path: The Path Of Spiritual Love

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When you truly open your heart you feel love. When you close it, the loves goes away. I’m slowly learning that my heart is an amazing energy center.

When something or someone begins to close your heart you can actually feel the negative energy flowing around it and within. Fear, anxiety and worry all affect our senses and these senses flow directly into our heart. If you resist this energy flow, your heart constricts and fights. When you open your heart to the world, the energy can pass right through it. And because the energy passes through it you begin to live in the moment more. Negative energy does not get “stuck” in your heart, thus sending your mind into a state of useless thoughts. You begin to accept life and also open up to all its wonders.

Now each and every moment in life is lived with an open heart. Every encounter with people in life is met with a positive energy which flows through the heart. Each encounter in traffic is met with grace and an acceptance. The world is viewed through a new lens.

Once you stop closing your heart your mind becomes free of fear, anxiety and conditioned thoughts. This is the path towards freedom and happiness.

I now carry an index card with the words written on it, “Was I more loving today?” “Was I more loving to myself today?

This is the path towards spiritual enlightenment. This is the path towards spiritual love.

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