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Get your friend to ask you questions. That’s it.

Ok, let me explain. You have written down your goals. Now you need to find a great way to keep on top of them. You absolutely need to FOLLOW UP!

You are all psyched to lose weight, save money or have less stress in your life.

Here is what you need to do. Find a good friend that will ask you a set of 5-10 questions each night that are relevant to your goals. Then have them phone you every night and ask you the questions. They in a sense become a great life coach for you. To make it fair, do the same thing for them. An example of questions might be.

Did you at eat foods filled with sugar today?

How long did you walk today?

How much time did you spend writing today?

How many minutes did you waste today on something that adds 0 value to your life?

How much money did you spend on stuff you really don’t need today?

If you get sick and tired of the questions then GREAT! That means you will want to make a change. Once you begin changing the questions get much easier to answer.

So think about. The main cause that we fail at our goals is lack of follow up. Right? Right.

Now go find that friend (or coach) that will follow up with you. It’s a simple solution to the biggest reason why we fail at our goals.

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