Get Rid Of Money Worries For The Rest Of Your Life

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To hell with money. Yes I said it… Don’t make me say it again. We spend all our lives worrying about it, lusting after it, waking up and going to sleep thinking about it. It isn’t life. Life is fantastic friends, mouth watering food, magnificent music, awesome experiences, health and peace. And the sad, sad part of it is that most of us don’t see the simple beauty that life gives us ….for free.  We are too caught up with wanting more money to buy more shit we don’t need.

Begin to realize how you have become consumer and not a citizen anymore.  I made a mind map of my daily joys in life. Part of the mind map has the terms:

No money scarcity

No food scarcity

No time scarcity

No beauty scarcity

No clothes scarcity

I really don’t have a shortage of any of these things in my life.  But somehow our consumer driven society tries to convince us that we don’t have enough crap – every damn day.

I don’t need all the shit society throws at me.  As I read my mind map every day it dawned on me more and more how totally insane our consumer driven society has become.  I see advertizing on all my Iphone apps (little annoying ads pooping up like zits that won’t go way). Dozens of ugly billboards on my drive to and from work make my drive a little more horrible.  Now they even have those dreadful electronic billboards that are lit up all night. I have emails at work and home bombarding me with offers of the latest and greatest thing invented since the beginning of mankind. I don’t need any of this crap. I really don’t.

Do I go live in a cave? Noooo. I just have to ignore the daily onslaught of useless messages thrown at me. I have to remind myself of what is really, really important in my life. Every day. That’s right -every day.  I have to be happy with my 4 year old sweater and my 6 year old car. I don’t want to wake up thinking about money scarcity. I don’t want to go to bed worrying about money.

It’s all an illusion.  Most of us don’t have money scarcities. We have everything we want or need in our lives right now. Right under our very noses .You only have to take off the blind folds to discover it.       

Take off your blindfolds. Right nowLive a life of freedom.      

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