Get Rid Of Passive Barriers To Live Your Dream Life

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I opened up my credit card bill recently and grimly realized that a payment to a caterer was on it. My original intention was to pay this portion cash a few months ago. But passive barriers crept into my mind and hijacked my common sense and discipline. What are passive barriers? They are those self destructive thoughts that make us delay both minor and important decisions. I’ll get to it later. It won’t make a big difference in my life. I’m too tired to do this. It’s too complicated. I’ll get rejected. The sad part is that some people let passive barrier thinking affect their whole life.

What are some important decisions that people put off? I should get a health check up. I really should invest in the company savings plan. I will pay off my credit cards this year. I’ll phone that family member tomorrow. I’ll lose ten pounds by the end of next month.

So why do we put these things off? In most cases we try to change too many bad habits at once, which will usually lead to nothing changed. It’s much easier to focus on one area of our life instead of five. This way we create a constant awareness of a life change instead of just giving it a second thought. The other is the classic instant gratification feeling as opposed to a long term investment. We may have fun spending on our credit cards or eating those French fries right now. But in the future we may find ourselves with no savings and horribly overweight with a heart condition.

The choice is yours. Be honest with your passive barriers and address them one by one towards a future of contentment and joy. Or have fun now and pay dearly later. I have to go pay my credit card bill now. Sheesh.

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    One thought on “Get Rid Of Passive Barriers To Live Your Dream Life

    1. Most of the barriers outlined in the article I’ve used or still using. Have fun now and pay latter, and paying I am. Now that I’m broke and not well, and stressing have finally all caught up with me. I have lost my focus on the dreams of my life. The journey back to my dreams and goals is difficult.

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