Give Me 5 Minutes And I’ll Show You How To Get What You Want Out Of Life

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I’ve gotten in a rut lately. I’m not particularly motivated and each day is blending quietly into another. Some of this is due to the cold of winter settling in and some due to allowing each day to be easy and repeatable.  Ever go through these phases in life?

I’ve decided to give myself a serious attitude adjustment by understanding my daily habits and finding out how they REALLY make me feel. Do they motivate me? Inspire me? Make me content? Am I learning? Do I find meaning in what I do? This weekend I’ve visited my Dad, slept in a bit, read a few books, downloaded some new music, and wrote this article. Here is what I’m looking for.

Contentment. We usually refer to this as happiness, but I like the word contentment. It’s that fuzzy warm feeling, like a warm blanket wrapped around you on a cold day while reading a good book.

Meaning. Is what I’m doing providing me meaning? Will it benefit me long term?

Knowledge. Am I learning from this activity? Is it opening my eyes to new things?

Pride. Am I proud of what I’m doing? Do I feel accomplishment?  Is it making me better as person?

Inspire. Am I being inspired and motivated by my actions and behaviours?

Love. Am I becoming a more loving person?

Now I’ll list a few things I’ve done this weekend and rate them from a scale of 1-10.

Visiting my Dad.  Love -10. Pride -8,

Writing this article. Meaning -10. Pride- 10,  Inpsire- 10, Meainng -10

Sleeping in.  Pride 3, meaning 2,

Hmm, I did not work out, slept in and procrastinated on a few household tasks I was supposed to do.

As you can see certain activities are high and provide me with what I really want out of life. Some are showing that I’m wasting my time.

I challenge you to take a good look at your life and begin to see what daily habits are benefiting you the most both short and long term. List out these values and rate yourself. You may get your ass off the couch and begin to start building the life you really want.

I’m going to build a work sheet in the future for all of you to use.  I think it’s a fabulous idea.

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