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In a World Wide Gallop poll of 150 different countries a study was conducted to see what factors came into play for us to experience a Great Life.  Interestingly enough this coincides with what the number 1 personal value members of this website are searching for. Balance.  To have a great and balanced life here are the 5 main areas of your life to focus on.  If you only work on one or two areas you won’t have a great life. To truly have a great life it takes all 5 areas.


What you fuel your body with has a huge impact on whether you have a great life or only a good life.  Allowing your emotions to control your eating habits is a huge mistake, especially when try to make yourself happy with greasy hamburgers and fries. Every unhealthy meal you eat will have a negative impact on your future great life. My best tip here is to ALWAYS keep sweets and unhealthy foods out of the house so you are NEVER tempted. Ok, maybe some dark chocolate is fine. Try this for a start!


Most of us spend 8 hours a day at work. These eight hours a day can have a major influence on whether our entire day will be merely good or great! To become great at work use your strengths to become the best at what you do and don’t focus on your weaknesses! Think back to your best moments and build on those. That is the best advice I can give you on work. Use your strengths!


Money is nice to have but when you only accumulate things the initial joy never lasts in those objects.  What you need to buy is experiences. I’ve written about this a few times here. READ IT! Building wonderful memories for yourself with friends and family will definitely have you look back at your life as a Great Life. That fancy car you had in 1999 will not.  Spend your money wisely (and save some).

Social Network

Who we hang around with has a huge impact on how happy we will be. It’s proven that our friends or family have a huge impact on whether we eat, exercise, smoke or get fat. Maybe it’s time to take a hard look at who is in your social network and whether they are getting in the way of a great life. Get an awesome social network!


I’m going to say this again. Your personal values drive you towards the life you dream of. You have to figure them out! My main value in life is freedom. Freedom from stress, from money worries, from bad health and bad luck. Whenever I think about freedom I get pumped up and I make another small step towards a life of freedom. I save that money each week, I eat my broccoli, and I have a good laugh with close friends.  Now THAT is a life free of crap and going towards great. Figure out what value or values drive you!

So there you have it. Time to make some changes. Time to create a plan and have a great life!

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