Goal Setting And Sensational Success – The Cutting Edge Series

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The cutting edge series is a series of articles aimed at waking individuals up. Life is too short to let it pass by and phenomenal success is just around the corner if you apply these principals. This article deals with two essential characteristics of phenomenally successful people.

Get the hell out of your comfort zone.

What if? What if? How many times have you asked that, only to allow fright, insecurity, your parents, friends or trivial distractions to keep you away from the life you truly deserve? To reach your dreams you have to get out of the comfort zone. Ignore the experts, go crazy and pursue your dreams. Write out your business plan, get that bank loan, start looking for clients. Do whatever it takes. Deep down you know you can do it. Don’t let the smallest negative thought stop you. Pursue your dreams. They electrify you and provide meaning and purpose. Life really is too short. You need amazing dreams to do amazing things. Bill Gates had an amazing dream. There is no better time then now.

Be accountable to yourself. Keep your promises.

Wealthy executives use life coaches and pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month because they want someone to kick them hard in the butt. Coaches also demand that the executives become more and more accountable to themselves. Even Tiger Woods uses a coach full time. Being accountable to yourself means being honest and doing what you said you would do. That’s the only way to reach the next level. You don’t necessarily need a coach though. Maybe you just need to write down your dreams and honestly track them. Getting to the next level of your dream life means practising what you preach, focusing, and getting out of your safety or comfort zone. If you can’t keep promises to yourself than give up right now. People fail because they are not accountable to themselves. Broken promises are for losers. Keep your promises, especially to yourself. Your dream life counts on it.

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