Golf Training Aids And Goal Setting

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Two years ago I was determined to drastically improve my game. I succeeded with stellar results and began to shoot in the eighties. I was happier than Paris Hilton in a Chippendale’s steamy dressing room. I attribute my improvement to proper goal setting and using the best golf training aids.

Golf training aid number one — group instruction.

Without a doubt my golf instructor was especially instrumental in helping me improve my game. I was awed and quite envious watching how effortlessly he hit a golf ball. Key lessons were keep your head still on your iron take away, keep it still on your down swing and don’t be afraid to come down on the ball. Hit the ball first! Take out a divot! All my unnecessary Shakira like gyrations before hitting the ball were causing me to shank so badly, I terrified countless woodland creatures. Now I swing smoothly and with authority.

Golf training aid number two — don’t over think.

Being out on the golf course is supposed to be a time for outdoor splendour not frustration. Revel in the manicured grass, tree lined fairways, water and all the sights, sounds and smells of a gorgeous summer day. And don’t over think. As described in the book, “Overachievement,” over thinking gets us in serious trouble. Some of the world’s greatest athletes performed amazing feats without thinking! It’s called being in the zone. In golf the same applies. After learning two key areas where you need to improve in your golf swing, go out and practise. On the golf course focus on those two key areas just prior to hitting and enjoy yourself on the golf course. Just let it happen. Eventually you fall into a rhythm. Just let it happen. Don’t over think.

Golf training aid number three — don’t over imagine.

We all imagine our next round of golf and depending how well we played the last time, our imagination can be a source of unhappiness and frustration, long before we tee up the golf ball. In the book, “Stumbling on Happiness,” by Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert, our imagination is directly linked to our happiness. Prior tee off, we imagine topping the golf ball. We imagine ourselves slicing the ball in the woods. We imagine what our friends, co-workers and former prison mates will think of us. All these images create a tremendously negative aura around us even before our golf game. Now imagine yourself striking the ball with confidence. Imagine yourself in a rhythm. Imagine how much fun you will have. Imagination is our most powerful mind tool. Start imagining yourself being optimistic and confident in your golf game.

In summary;

Golf training aid and goal one — group instruction.

Golf training aid and goal two – don’t over think.

Golf training aid and goal three – don’t over imagine.

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