Have Your Children Build Healthy Values You Can be Proud Of

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Recent studies have indicated that the top five values kids express these days are Fame, Achievement, Popularity, Image and Financial Success. Between 1967 and 1997 the top five were Community Feeling, Volunteering, Image Tradition and Popularity. Three of these values were quite healthy. These days kids are becoming more and more shallow, egocentric and selfish.

Are these the type of values that will make the world a kinder and better place? Is the influence of popular culture and television ruining our childrens values? It certainly seems so. It’s time that parents step in and teach our kids values we can be proud of.

My Life Changes is built around defining your goals based on your core personal values. Make those values healthy and happy ones ….then teach them to your children.

This link might open your eyes.

Is This The Future Of American Values?

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