Here’s How To Make Life Changes

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I created to help you make meaningful life changes. I can’t force you to make life changes. Only you can decide that. I have supplied a tool for you to use. I could become your personal coach but you probably can not afford a life coach. I hope you decide to make life changes today, because tragedy can strike at any time, and by then it may be far too late. This website will make you think. Thinking is good.

Decide who you are

First, you will need to decide who you are. Are you a parent, entrepreneur and athlete? Or are you a philosopher, businessman and wealth builder? Understanding your own big picture will set the frame for the next steps.

Decide what your core values are

Here are the top 5 core values (in order) people are seeking on balance, achievement, commitment, love, and happiness. I don’t think it is necessary to list more then 5 core values. I also think that happiness is a very good core value to seek. Without happiness is life really much fun? Now you are ready to set goals according to who you are and what core values are meaningful to you.

Decide what your goals are

Take your most important core value and set a goal that will help you live accordingly to it. If your value is happiness, your goal may be to start the morning off with a smile. It’s simple but goals don’t have to be complicated to have a huge effect. Don’t set too many goals. It will be too difficult to reach a bunch at the same time. Kind of hard to quit smoking, lose weight and meditate all at the same time. You have taken perhaps the three most important steps in your life.

Track your changes

Use the color coded tracker to see how you are doing. I made the tracker as visual and simple as possible to make it easy for you and I. You are now on your way to making life changes. Congratulations!

Is it that simple? Yes it is. Why should it be complicated? You have a need, I supply a tool, you take action.

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    One thought on “Here’s How To Make Life Changes

    1. Great post! I believe that having a positive attitude really gives an important effect in our lives. I’ve checked your site and I found it interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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