Here Is A Quick Way To Let Go of Stress

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With today’s technological advances that keep information flying at us and a constant barrage of advertising, it’s no wonder we have total information over load. The much hyped iPad came out this weekend and I wonder how many people truly need one – probably not that many.

We also tend to get easily lost in the details of life, from what clothes to wear, traffic, dealing with dozens of issues at work and what to make for dinner. So what can we do to bring us back down to earth?

Personally, I like the idea that we live on blue planet (or a ball of dirt if you like), twirling around in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trillions of stars. And we get to be a part of that! So look up at the sky once in a while and think about it. It makes everything seem trivial or at least easier to deal with. Does it really matter if that person honked at you, or what type of car you are driving? Not really.

You get to be a part of this amazing experience of, spinning around on a planet in space. Everything else compared to that falls short. I dare you to tell me otherwise. I dare you.

Life can be truly amazing.

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