How Gratitude Can Be A Life Changer Overnight

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I’ve written about creating gratitude and appreciation lists. I’ve written about living on this wondrous planet spinning around in the vastness of the universe.   Has my writing sunk in? Do you really appreciate your life? In times of stress and darkness are you able to feel a deep sense of gratitude? I want you to dig deep now and look at this list and see if you have really felt any of these things.

  1. Deep gratitude for the time you have here. You have a very short period of time on this planet compared to the timeline of millions of years of past humanity. Are you making the best of your short time here? Do you feel a deep sense of gratitude for the time you have been given?  Are you letting it blindly pass you by? Don’t. Be eternally grateful for the time you have been given here. Use it well.
  2. Feel appreciation for the evolving world. Do you realize that the planet is changing every day? Do you pay attention to splendour of the passing seasons? Every single thing on this planet is dying from the moment it has been born. You will die one day as well. Are you really paying attention to this or is time passing you by while you stare at your Iphone.  Gratitude is also about paying attention to the mind-blowing cycle of life around you and learning to gracefully embrace and dance with it each day.
  3. Gratitude and awe for being a part of nature.  I was walking in the forest today and rays of sunlight were gently dancing at my feet. The forest was a deep lush green. Isn’t it awesome that I can walk through nature’s beauty each day? Think of the wonderful times you have connected with nature and feel a deep sense of gratitude for all those opportunities. Even the simplest walk in the woods can be tremendously beautiful and an inspiration to the soul.
  4. Appreciate the biology of nature. The sunlight hitting my skin and shining on my face is giving me life. Not only is it giving me life, it is giving the entire planet its life. Isn’t that awesome? Breathing in the air, feeling the warmth of sunshine, or swimming in the ocean can be a deeply spiritual experience. There can be a deep appreciation to just being alive and feeling the wonders of nature. Start feeling this today.
  5. Appreciate being born. Do you have any idea how miraculous it is that you were born? Of all the millions of sperm and eggs that day YOU were created.  Are you celebrating this fact every day? Are you bear hugging life and everything around it? Maybe you should. Your birth is as awesome as it gets and the greatest gift of your life! Take some time each and every day to feel a deep sense of appreciation to how lucky your birth was. Don’t ever forget it.

There you go, five magnificent ways to feel a deeply spiritual and everlasting gratitude. Don’t ever treat gratitude lightly. Opening your soul and heart to the beauty around you each and every day is the most important thing you can do for yourself and every living thing around you.

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    2 thoughts on “How Gratitude Can Be A Life Changer Overnight

    1. It was yesterday that I felt absolutely amazing as I was overflowing with the feeling of gratitude for my life. And today, I see this post. :) A nice reminder for me. Thank you.

    2. Enjoyed your piece. I will remember your tips as I feel that gratitude makes life easier. I recall seeing Oprah years ago when I was struggling to deal with my younger brothers death. I started a gratitude journal and wrote in it every day. It gave me focus and helped me see not just my sadness but the joy of life. This skill helped me deal years later with my husbands terminal illness and passing. I am asked often how I made it through without bitterness and was able to find love again. No magic there, just made sure not to just focus on my sadness but to take part in life as it is just too short.

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