How I Am Getting Happier While Becoming Wealthy

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Do you really want to be Happy and Wealthy?

Do you really want to take the first the first steps towards making big life changes? Do you think about a life of riches and joy but find that years pass by and nothing changes? Most people I know that are in debt, overweight, lonely or hate their jobs, don’t take any steps to make life changes. What they are talented at is bitching, complaining, avoiding and blaming everything and everyone else for their frustrating lives. They allow their egos to rule their lives and won’t even make small financial changes like investing in the company retirement plan. Instead they find themselves night after night staring at the TV. I can’t help these people. They are living in a self imposed world and are pretty much unconscious zombies plodding along day after day. The truth is that life is right outside our door. Is it a nice day outside? Why not go out and take a walk with your brain and begin to think and plan a life of meaning purpose and joy. Or just keep complaining. It’s always your choice. Maybe you like being a zombie?

Do I want to be wealthy?

Of course I want to be wealthy? Why would I not want to be? Would I live in a small shack in the woods, if I can have a modern home overlooking the beach? Of course not. I also like my iphone. I like technology. If it weren’t for technology I wouldn’t be writing this and posting it in a few minutes for you to read. But when I step out onto the deck of my new beach house I don’t want to stress about bills, cutting the lawn or any of that crap. Or else what is the point? My point here is that no matter how wealthy you are (even if you are a billionaire), if you don’t have peace of mind than you truly aren’t enjoying life to its fullest. So living a life that allows ourselves to be fully present to life’s natural wonders, from the tiniest flowers, a spectacular water fall, or even dinner with friends is what truly counts. Believe me. And every time you step away from the present moment you step away from life. So being wealthy is fabulous but learning to be fully present with the world is much, much more important. It is the most important habit to learn during your time here on earth.

How do I get to be happy and wealthy?

Here is what you have to think about. Happiness comes from living in the moment. How can you be happy not living in the moment? How can you be truly happy thinking about the future or reliving the past? As you think about the future or past, your real life, or you may call it your present life, is passing you by. You just lost a few moments of your life. Life truly starts right now. Sink into the now and you will experience an enlightenment you never thought possible. Just go take a walk and pay attention to the ground under your feet. Feel the sun. Inhale nature’s scents. Don’t think, just be. This way of thinking will open many new doors to you including a world of wealth if you decide that is your goal. You become more focuses, calm, creative and content, clearing your mind for bigger and better things. I can’t explain it better than that. Now it is your choice. Continue down the same path or feel everything life has to offer you each and every moment. Which path did you choose?

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