How I Changed My Priorities In One Lunch

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I had lunch with my parents today. Life is pretty busy these days and I found myself whining about work. It was the classic whine about too much work with too little time. Then my Father chirped in and said, “You have it easy son, you should try living in our shoes.” My Father is the primary caregiver for my Mom who is ill, it’s a 24 hour job and it isn’t getting any easier with time. I looked at my Dad and realized right there that his comment was spot on.


Health should always be our first priority. We can have all the money and stuff in the world, but it all means nothing without our health. A little stress at work is infinitely easier to deal with than a serious health issue.


I have written quite a bit about positive psychology. But sometimes thinking good thoughts isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s good to accept that life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and learn to move on. It isn’t always easy, but facing reality and dealing with it is better than pretending that life is wonderful. Life throws us curves and fortunately most of the time they pass. Acceptance is a fundamental Buddhist teaching.

I went back to my lunch, stopped whining, and realized that I do have it good compared to what my parents are experiencing. And I am grateful for that, and am continuously learning to accept that life forever evolves. Life doesn’t wait for anyone.

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