How I Started A New Life With One Hour

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There are 24 hours in a day. Once those 24 hours are up, that day will be gone forever. Then a new one starts all over. Then it is gone forever too. How are you spending each day?

The burning question is how do you spend your 24 hours? During the week, we may have 7 hours to sleep,8 hours for work, 1 -2  hours for various and traffic, 2 hours for meals. This leaves us with about 6 hours. Let’s say we exercise for 1 hour and if we have a family, 3 hours with them.

We still have about 2 hours left over.

1-2 hours to start your dream.

1-2 hours to begin your blog.

1-2 hours to meditate and relieve your stress.

1-2 hours to read self development and expand your mind.

I spend 1 hour a day on this website, writing, editing, modifying, creating and finding incredible meaning and purpose.

What is stopping you from planting the seeds of the dream life you always imagined? Why aren’t you spending an hour a day on what YOU love? Why are you giving 8 hours to a corporation and leave nothing for yourself?

It’s time to stop screwing around, wasting your time and make the life changes you want right now.

There is absolutely no excuse.

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