How My Moms Death Is Changing My Life

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My Mom died three days before Christmas in December. It’s been difficult to write articles for the site these last few months but I managed a few here and there. She was 87 years old. She passed away in a nursing home due to complications related to a build up of fluid in her lungs.  In the past year her health declined gradually due to Alzheimer’s , dementia and a back problem which kept her confined to a wheel chair.

I will always cherish the gift of life and go for my dreams.

When a loved one dies before your very eyes, you put your life on hold. My weekends were spent arranging my schedule so I could spend time with my Mom and family. There was a continuous dark cloud over my head since I never knew when her last day would come. Now that she is gone it’s like I’ve come off auto pilot and am now living life again. Little chores that were sitting for months get done, I’m able to write, but most of all, the sun shines a bit brighter and my heart finds time to soar. Here is the thing. Don’t put off your dreams for one more day. There is no reason why you can’t take the first steps to live your dream life. Go out there and start today! You never know when life throws you a curve ball and takes the wind out of your sails. When the coast is clear, sail for the stars! Seriously, what’s stopping you?

I will save my money and always avoid stupid debts.

My Mom left an impressive estate. It isn’t millions but although she did not work, she still managed to save a good chunk of change. My parents lived a nice middle class existence. They had everything they could want, a nice home, good food, wonderful friends and a few pets here and there. The amazing thing is that while our society is spiralling into staggering debt my parents were doing the exact opposite. Instead of carrying any kind of needless debt they saved their money. Instead of paying interest on a foolish loan or Visa card they saved that money. This is such a simple yet essential financial concept. Don’t pay interest on your dumb debts, instead learn to save that money. The freedom from no stupid debts and saving that money will change your life forever.

Your parents care, it’s when they don’t care that trouble starts.

My parents were strict when I grew up. My mom is Russian and went through WWII, learned a lot of harsh lessons and saw horrible things so she had no patience for stupidity. But she was strict because she cared.  And this is the most important part of being a parent. You need to care. If you think that not caring for your kid and ignoring them will “teach them a lesson” you are on the path to losing your kid. Showing that you care and setting boundaries isn’t fun sometimes, but that is life. Kids need boundaries. Without them they become lost lambs and easy prey for others. So always show that you care. Always.

Visit your friends or have them over.

It’s proven that we are happiest when we are with our friends. Invite them over for drinks and supper. Do it on a regular basis. Life is way too short. Be happy. Be happy with yourself and with your friends. These are the moments that make life memorable.

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