How To Be Happy Right Now

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Where does happiness come from?

From my many years of observations and readings, most people believe that happiness comes from an external source. External sources of happiness may be winning the lottery, becoming thin, retiring, getting married or a long planned vacation. Retiring is a big one. People are programmed by society to believe that retirement is when we “deserve“ to be happy. The startling reality is that we all carry a core of happiness within right now. Unfortunately most of us allow the conditioning of life to weigh heavily upon us. Thus our lifelong conditions make us continuously grasp at pockets of happiness like we are entitled to happiness only during special occasions. Nothing can be further from the truth. We are all entitled to happiness and have the ability to feel happy at all times.

How can I feel happy all the time?

Having read more than a dozen books on the subject of happiness I have come to two major conclusions. First of all our main goal in life is to be happy. If you can think of a better goal in life or a more important one, please let me know. Secondly, happiness is a choice, either we choose to be happy or not. It is an inner attitude. It is a core part of us waiting to be let out at all times. Acts of happiness can be as simple as going outside looking up at the sky or picking up a flower. It isn’t the size of the gesture that is important, it is the willingness for you to allow happiness to become an integral part of your life every day.

So the choice truly resides in you. You can get up each morning with the intention of living a happy life or not. One last thing. Allowing more love in your world is also just as important. Happiness and love go hand in hand.

They are both waiting to be let out right now. What is stopping you?

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