How To Find Meaning and Purpose Overnight

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A few stats and facts from Adbusters

  • The Beijing Olympics were endangered by China’s dismal air quality, threatening athlete’s health.
  • UN Secretary – General Ban KI-moon has named the future fight for clean water as the century’s biggest threat to humanity.
  • Pesticides and chemicals on our soil are 10 times more powerful today, yet it takes 1000 years to grow an inch of soil.
  • Rain forests that covered 14 percent of the Earth’s surface now cover less than 6.
  • The planet is losing 30,000 species a year, the largest extinction in 65 million years.

Do our Economic experts know what they are doing?

The financial collapse was a disaster. Do we just continue listening to the government kissing Wall Street’s ass? Do our current economic models make sense? Is credit killing the quality of our lives?

What are we teaching our kids?

Are we teaching our kids in school about life or about making money? Are we teaching them about compassion, being in the present, living within our means or how to have a loving relationship? Are we teaching about the quality and beauty of human relationships?

Are we getting happier?

The United States has failed to see higher happiness since the end of the Second war. Is happiness reduced to the next generation iPod or iPhone? Are flat screens creating flat minds?

What is making your life worthwhile? What are you fighting for? Are you learning from your mistakes? Sometimes it only takes one powerful idea.

A world wide revolution is on its way. We have no choice.

We are all a part of it.

What is your one powerful idea?

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