How To Find Meaning And Purpose With One Simple Word

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I created My Life Changes because of my own path to find meaning and purpose in my life. The My Life Changes method asks you to define who you are, your core values and goals to support all this. It doesn’t just ask WHAT you want to do in life but WHY.

Why is asking Why so damn important?

We go through life defining ourselves by what we do (our jobs), how we do them, where we live or where we travel. But what about why?

Why do we work at a certain job or career?

Why do we hang out with certain people?

Why do we live where we do?

Why are we overweight and why do we want to lose weight?

Why do we want to make more money or reduce weight?

When we make our goals we tend to over simplify them.

I want to lose 20 pounds.

I want to make more money.

I want to have more time and less stress.

But Why? Have you gone a bit deeper and asked that question?

Why I want to lose 50 pounds is because I wish to be able to play with my kids and take long hikes in the beauty of nature and travel for many years to come.

Why I want to learn to meditate is because I want to fully experience this beautiful world around me, avoid information overload and find inner peace anytime I wish.

Why I work at this career is because I am providing technology tools to take mundane tasks away from people and allow them to perform more meaningful work. New Information Technology enables me to create a vision before it exists.

Do you see how creating a goal with the word why in it is much more inspirational and motivational?

So when you use My Life Changes and define your goals in line with your values and who you are; ask the question why.

You might just end up inspiring yourself.

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