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I will be sending out an E-mail to my nearing 5000 subscribers this week. Some have subscribed to the free version of and some to the deluxe paid version. I have had many people ask me how or why I started this business and I will now answer you.


I have had an intense passion to start my own business since as long as I can remember. I also have a deep passion for physiology, sociology, self development and also business. I am constantly reading (hundreds of books) and refining my own thoughts about what is the best life to live. I have also lived an interesting life, being adopted, and half Asian to European parents in North America. I have lived through a couple of very tough health issues that affected me both mentally and physically. Without the passion to try to make a difference in this world my web site would have never succeeded. I believe without a doubt in my mind that this is something I love to do. I love to provide great information. I love to write my own articles. I want you to learn and help me learn. Occasionally I just want to kick people’s asses really hard, because making life changes isn’t that hard. Just start. Today.


Yes, I would love to make enough money to live off this site or at least nicely supplement my day income. I worked hard to design the website, I believe I am providing a valuable service (Do you want to change your life?) and I don’t want to give it away for free. I invested thousands of dollars in the initial start up when the technology was weaker and I required outside consultation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money, unless that is your only objective. Then the passion is gone. I am competing on a global scale here. It is a huge market. For 5 dollars a month you can begin to understand and make life changes. Five dollars! Less than a Happy Meal… I think.


I work on the site after my day job (I have consulted and and worked at some of the most successful pharmaceutical and aerospace companies in the world). It isn’t always easy to do. But I can’t just quit my day job. I would be a fool to do that. So I find myself tapping away on the laptop at Midnight, researching and reading E-mails late at night. Now you can understand how passion comes into play. Without the passion in my blood this would have stopped many years ago. Yes, it takes work and drive, but this work is connecting me to thousands of people and I cannot ask for anything more.

Overcoming failure

I once lost all my feeds to my blog. I was severely disappointed and never understood what happened. So I had to start over and build back a reader base with lots more completion facing me. Just the thought of that can be discouraging. But I will not give up. I will keep learning from setbacks and I will grow stronger from them. The thing about having a business on the internet is that your completion is global and almost every idea has been tried. So there were plenty of times when I thought my idea was fantastic yet nobody cared. I thought people would swarm the site. This happens rarely. When it does, it is most likely because you have learnt from failures and found a winning formula.

Good Luck to you if you decide to follow this path. And send me an E-mail at

I will be happy to answer you.

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