How Your Thoughts And Beliefs Create Your Life

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My New Pool

My New Pool

When I was 36 I believed that I deserved a promotion.  I marched into my bosses’ office and asked for that promotion with a long list of accomplishments in my hand. I believed deep down that I deserved that promotion. A week later he asked if I’d like to be a member of a hundred million dollar IT project . That project changed my career forever, and today I am speaking to leaders and executives at cutting edge IT industry events in Orlando and Las Vegas. That belief I had for a promotion years ago changed my life and it wasdefinitely an empowering belief.

How do you think about your life? Do your thoughts and beliefs empower you or limit you?

Do your thoughts boost your self esteem and confidence or create fear and self doubt in your life?

We really do create our own life experiences and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can change your life. Here are a few excellent tips to help you start directing your thought, beliefs, and feelings towards end results that will create a great life.

Most of our self talk is destructive and judgemental – get rid of it. We often find ourselves thinking about the something that happened in the past or will happen in the future.  We lose ourselves in these useless thoughts and stop living in the present moment. These worries are a barrier to you experiencing true happiness. Start thinking empowering or appreciative thoughts that generate good feelings and beliefs in your life! I will make more money. I will find peace. Life is exciting!

Make notes of what people and circumstances give you bad feelings to change them. I had someone tell me something last week that attacked my integrity at work. People often judge others without facts and base it solely on their limited perception.  I have chosen to not let his statement make me feel bad.  I am empowered by my own positive belief in myself.   Do you have limited beliefs creating fear, judgements and doubt in your life? Let go of them and reduce the useless chatter in your mind. You will find a great deal more peace and happiness in both your work and home.

You are responsible for your own happiness. The sooner you realize this the better you will be off. It isn’t your parents, family or work that is responsible for your happiness. Your thoughts create your feelings and in turn these create happiness, fear or sadness.  Thinking unhappy thoughts? Learn to switch over to happy thoughts in your life. That vacation you took.  Appreciate the sunshine outside your car. Think about your favorite pet. Put on some dance music.  It’s easy to create happy thoughts. Do it right now and find yourself smiling.

Life is wonderful. Is life wonderful for you? Is that your belief?

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