I’m Feeling Like Superman And Going To Live Well Forever

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Talk about making a life change! I’m feeling like a zillion bucks these days.  I recently started taking health supplements as one step towards a longer and healthier life.  I have been on the fence about health supplements for a long time.  There is so much information about vitamins, I didn’t know what to believe.  What changed my mind?  I recently read a book about telomeres, based on the Nobel Prize winning genetic research. The book is called The Immortality Edge”.

I am also reading the book Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever

Telomeres keep our chromosomes intact like those plastic caps on shoe laces. Our cells divide and replicate, and if our telomeres shorten our cells can die.  With exercise, diet, supplement and stress reduction we can rejuvenate our cells. Supplements for me are the first step. I researched (I do a ton of research) and decided to order my supplements from Life Extension.  These supplements aren’t cheap (nor are they the most expensive) but I’ve decided my health deserves nothing but the best.

You gotta love a State of the art formula capsule that is really a super vitamin.

I’m feeling more lucid, sleep better, less tired and I’m amazed I’m writing this at 9:00 at night instead of passing out with a book on my nose.

Now, I’m no idiot and I’m being super cautious about what quantities and qualities of supplements I take. There has been some bad press about multi-vitamins, telomeres and Vitamin A. I’m also aware that just because a bunch of doctors write a book (and one of them has his own store) it doesn’t mean they have the final word on health. During my own doctor’s appointment tomorrow I’ll be sure to discuss the pros and cons of supplements. But for now, I’m quite happy.

I’m “turning on” my disease preventing genes.  I think. LOL

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