I Always Failed At Goal Setting – So I Started Reading My Life Changes

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One of the key rules of great goal setting is to be specific. People may have read about this a dozen times, but they still continue to set vague goals. Let’s explain the problem with this.

If you set a goal to paint the spare room (because it will look fabulicious painted) it’s easy to set this vague goal. “Paint the spare room”

However, if you are specific and write down – I will paint the spare bedroom on Saturday morning, May 28 …well now you have set aside a time and date which further commits you to take action. Now you know that this date is for beautifying the spare room and not golfing, shopping ,snoozing, web surfing or TV.

This rule especially applies to business. If you have a large project to execute and people are counting on you, you break the project into smaller specific goals and commit to a date for each one. Or else the project will be a miserable failure.

So why shouldn’t you apply the same rules to your personal life? Your goals in your personal life are even more important.

Be specific. Commit to a date and a time.

When I designed this website I used the tracker here in its beta form and broke down each step in order to create the website. It took a few months but if I had not set specific goals and timelines this fabulous website would not exist.  : )  There had to be a business plan, design, programming, testing and support.

Now it’s your turn.  What fabulous goals or habits do you want to create in your life? What steps are required and by what date are you ready to commit yourself to?

Let’s do it.

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