Journey To A Stress Free Life

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I’ve been thinking and working a lot lately. My mind is buzzing about work and an upcoming presentation deadline. As I was spending some quiet time with the cats looking out the window, it hit me that I’ve allowed life to hijack my brain. I have been missing the quiet moments like looking out the window and watching night fall. It’s such a simple pleasure yet it connects me with my core being and mother earth itself. Life changes are important but don’t let life zoom by without finding joy in the softer moments.

Reconnect with your humanness. Sitting quietly by the window at night allowed me to slow down and really connect with the world. Find your quiet time and learn to love it every day.

Remember to enjoy the journey. You are a human living in a world of many simple pleasures. I’ve been so focused on what this presentation might bring me in the future, I’ve forgotten to just enjoy the journey. It should be fun and creative not a worry for me.

Soft moments can bring a pure joy. When we slow down and breathe, when we just watch the world unfold, when we just BE , those can be the most precious moments in life. It isn’t always about others, it can be just about YOU. Discover your humanity, discover peace, and discover beauty. It’s all around you. We just bec0me too busy to notice.

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