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My Life Changes was developed to help you live by your core personal values. As I have previously written my most cherished value is freedom. By keeping this value in mind I strive to live a life stress free, free from money worries, free from health problems and free from work related stress.

It’s not enough to just set goals. Your goals must be aligned with your personal values. And these values that you cherish should drive you to better and bigger things every day. Whether your value is freedom, love, wealth, health or peace these values should evoke a feeling deep down in your core that drives you live the life you believe you deserve.  So wake up every day with your value behind every action you take.

My 2011 was a pretty good year.  I became more disciplined with my money, had good health, visited Disney World, finished my Dale Carnegie course, was invited to speak at a conference in Florida and bonded with my Dad.

For 2012 I look forward to better health as in deeper sleep and less weight. I would love to become a spiritual teacher (meditation, mindfulness, peace) and will work towards this. I will clear out a bunch of junk and simplify my life. I’ll continue with elliptical running machine and begin to weight train again. I will spend more time listening to sounds of nature and less time in the artificial world of computers, smart phones and the Internet.  I will cut down on information overload.

I hope you have all taken some thought as to what your 2012 will look like and would love if you used the tracker to write your vales and goals down.  Welcome to this site and I wish you all the best in 2012 and beyond.

Best Always


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