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Once in a while I get the urge to shut down My Life Changes and walk away from it. When I review the statistics of users and how long the stay with the site it can be tremendously disheartening. Thankfully the occasional note of how the site has helped someone make life changes or become more optimistic keeps me going.

But what is the real issue here?   The issue is that our long term life changes (losing weight, saving money, pursuing our dreams…etc)  are constantly being  shattered by our short term  choices (Cookies, new iPad, and a million distractions from tweets, texting and apps).

In order to counteract weak human nature, immediate gratification and living in an age of excess, I’m creating a section where you share a contract with another person.   This pledge or contract will make you accountable to another person in order to reach your goal(s). You may pledge to give that person your favourite CD, book, IPod, picture or even half a year’s salary.

It’s your choice what you decide to pledge. But I’ve got to make this more painful. I’ve discovered people need penalties if they miss their goals. So start that book, business, weight lose, or dream life, and be prepared to lose more than just a few minutes of your time here if you fail. It might just make you succeed.

I pledge to give ____ if I do not reach my goal, by this date __ __ __

On that note, what would make this site a 10/10 for YOU!  I would love to hear your ideas.


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    2 thoughts on “Make Self Control Your Bitch

    1. It may seem that you are not helping people – but you really are – I think when you really want to attain a goal – and it means breaking bad life-long habits – it really is NOT easy – BUT it depends on how “REALLY” bad you want it. It can’t be “wouldn’t it be nice” – but a mind-set – I really wanted to quit smoking (yes REALLY) but it took about 25 times of quitting to make me wonder “what in the devil are you doing” and I JUST quit – never had a cigarette again (7 years ago) Cold turkey – no excuses – no emotional break-downs- my point being when we FINALLY get to that mind-set in the sky, we can accomplish anything…if we really want it…But websites like your give us constant guidance and support – you don’t do it for us BUT you do encourage us and support us – but I believe getting to that mind-set with total commitment is the key – I quit smoking – now I’m in better health – I run everyday ( something I could never to as a smoker ) I have more money – my house and car don’t stink – I can go anywhere and not worry about smoking -again, my point , most goals have an enormous pay-back – life is better because we achieved them – but as humans we struggle even to make our lives better – go figure – but don’t think you are failing – just keep pushing…

    2. Mary Ellen

      Thanks so much for your kind words and wisdom. And you are right, we are all different and it CAN be a struggle at times, but with the right mindset we can persevere! This website does bring me meaning and purpose and comments like yours inspire me to keep it up. : )

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