My 6 Brilliant 2015 Resolutions that will make 2014 look like a Hopeless Sloth

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Hi, my name is Terry and I am the founder of My Life Changes and here are my awesome 2015 resolutions

Exercising and huffing and puffing will continue to make me feel like a Marvel super hero

I will continue to do 40 minutes of daily high intensity work outs while watching my favorite shows on Netflix. Hopefully I won’t cartwheel off the treadmill or elliptical machine! Exercise is only for losing weight? Boloney! Exercise strengthens joints, muscle groups, reduces stress, helps sleep and lessens your chances of getting cancer. Need I say more?

Good sleep soothes the savage beast

I pledge to get to bed early and rise early, ready to take on the world! Now I have time for delicious morning eggs, get to work early and exercise at a decent hour, then write more mind-blowing articles!

Are your cookies, beer or wine serenading you from the pantry?

I promise to continue to keep cookies and unhealthy sugary stuff out of the house. Wine is super- fun – time but will be reserved for the weekend. The first rule of healthy eating is keeping unhealthy temptations out of our reach. Do you? Out of sight, out of mind baby!

My BMW is my Luxury Go-Cart and love it

I will not judge myself and worry about if I am being too materialistic. I’ve been doing that for enough years.  It’s OK to own a few toys I worked hard for.  As long as it isn’t killing your budget, go out and buy yourself a present – and appreciate it!

News Flash! My Blue sky never really goes away – it’s always been there

No matter how grey the day looks, or how foul my mood gets, I know that the blue sky will always return in my mind and heart. Life throws us curveballs just to make things a bit more interesting.

Lastly I promise to keep my head out of my iPhone and be more curious about the astonishing world around me.

Terry Vermeylen is the Founder, Chief Writer and Dish Washer for My Life Changes…pssssst!…which has a kick ass goal tracker by the way. :)

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