My Best New Year’s Resolution Tips For 2009

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My biggest lesson in life this year has been to be happy each and every day. I will also never forget that happiness, love and pure joy are born with me and are always a choice I can make at any time.

Make happiness your number one goal.

Can you think of anyone that does not want to make happiness their primary goal? I can’t. Unfortunately many of us get lost in a sea of work, family issues, worries and stress, so we forget that a core of happiness sits inside of us waiting to be let out. This happiness isn’t a destination but a continuous journey. It is a journey of discovering that the real you can embrace self acceptance leading to pure joy and love. Being happy with yourself is the first step to being happy with the world.

Let go of your judgements.

Once you choose to be happy and stop self judging, you will see a kinder more joyful self emerge. Your family and friends respond in kind to you. Nature and even the sky will look brighter. You will discover a wholeness about you that you may have lost a long time ago. There will be a purity that seeps back into your soul and you will recognize that you have always been good enough. Reclaim your inner light.

Having more stuff will not make you happier.

Wanting more stuff, only makes you want more most of the time. Having more stuff is about consuming more and staying on that consumer treadmill. Being happy is simply a choice that can be made right now and always. Having nice things can bolster your happiness but doesn’t make you happy. Stuff isn’t your happiness. You are already happy and probably don’t even realize it. Make that choice now and you will see that having more stuff isn’t nearly as important as you thought it was.

Wake up to happiness every morning.

How you begin the day sets the tone for a day filled with happiness and joy, or worry and self judgments. It is your decision to begin the day with good thoughts. But our social programming and subconscious conditioning is a powerful enemy and one that can automatically bring a morning of stress filled thoughts, fears and doubts. Your intention should always lean towards beginning your morning with peace and joy. Whether you use meditation, take a small walk or just look up at the sky, any of these small goals can start the day off right. It is always your decision. Choose to be happy.

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    One thought on “My Best New Year’s Resolution Tips For 2009

    1. I read over some of the material here, and have to say usually I am very hard to pursuade. After reading I feel inspired.

      Thank you for the positive uplift that we need more of for sure in this trying times.

      Matthyew Fritch

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